Hymon Energy Sp. z o.o.
ul. Dojazd 16A, 33-100 Tarnów
telefon / fax: +48 14 657 20 20

HYMON ENERGY Sp. zoo. is one of the leading Polish companies dealing with the photovoltaic systems. Many years of experience of company's shareholders and employees in the photovoltaic industry and constant cooperation with component manufacturers (mainly inverters, mounting systems and other accessories) is a guarantee of the highest level of a performance and a quality of all projects.

Additionally, HYMON ENERGY provides comprehensive PV system projects and is a General Contractor (EPC- Engineering, Procurement and Construction) of photovoltaic power plants in Europe. The end customer receives a complete solution in the design, financing and execution of PV systems - the so called "turnkey" solution which makes HYMON ENERGY attractive and trustworthy for its end-users.

One of the main objectives of the company is the continuous development of PV systems in terms of innovation and enhancement of their efficiency through the introduction of technological "know-how". This task is realized through cooperation with scientific centers - research centers in the country and abroad.

Photovoltaics is the technology that enables the production of electricity from the sunlight. The process of conversion of sunlight into electricity is performed within photovoltaic cells. The most popular are mono silicon solar cells and polycrystalline cells.

There are many advantages of PV installations such as:

- They can be installed almost anywhere in the world.

- Suitable to the energy needs of every household.

- PV Installations do not cause pollution, greenhouse gases, waste production or noise, and are
  totally safe for health.

- Installations are also armed with a lightning and a fire protection, so they are completely safe
  for people in their vicinity as well as those using these solutions.

- PV installations are associated with small maintenance costs since photovoltaic panels to a great
  extent are cleaned during precipitation, eg. the rain, which flush dirt and residue on the surface
  of the panels.

-Through installation of a PV system, a property's value increases making it also more attractive to
  potential customers because the installation does not require renovations or repairs.

- We may also track energy production of the PV system hour by hour, daily or monthly. It is
  available for us through special Internet portals provided by PV inverters' producers. Once
  bought an inverter, we obtain a login through which we can observe from anywhere in the world
  our photovoltaic system's performance.